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Shadow Racer

The most important feature of Shadow Racer is that you can have real-time online matches with your friends and you can easily play this game with anyone installing the game online.

Important features of “Shadow Racer” online and multi-player game

  • 4 different gameplay styles, with 3 viewing angles
  • Multi-player online game with a unique gameplay
  • Possibility of creating a clan, chat, and friendly matches between clan members
  • With more than 40 thieves and police levels
  • Private garage with almost 30 cars that increases as the game advances
  • Possibility of choosing above 100 wheels, body kits and wings
  • 4 main attractive environments with dynamic lighting and professional sounds with the rotation of day and night and weather
  • Connectivity to google with the possibility of ranking
  • Professional sound effects for car engines which make the game more natural and enjoyable
  • 5 live background music produced by best musicians.

Registered Users: More than 1.2 M

Challenge accepted.