Challenge accepted.

Who we are?


A Game development company which have always preferred quality over quantity. We are currently making MMO mobile games, and doing some experimenting with VR projects.


Meet Our Professionals

Persons who awake till 4.AM to make fun games.

Hamid Naeimi

I am the head of NOA Company my duty is to manage, developing and lead the different teams to make high-quality products.

Navid Haghighi

Hey, I’m a programmer who doesn’t afraid of working with new technologies. Started programming when I was 11 with VB6 but I’ve found a whole new world when I started coding in C at the age of 14.

Sina AleAli

My love to making video games started when I was in high school. From then I’ve started game programming and started Unity3d programming from version 1 of this engine.

Mohammad Baghdadi

Love game development and programming, Creativity and creation of program structures

Sara Pahlevani

I’ll identify new business opportunities in order to invest, publish, improve profitability and help the NOA grow.

  • "Shadow Racer" is one well polished racing game i ever tried.

  • "Shadow Racer" is a award winning multiplayer racing game, with many things to custumize and do.

Challenge accepted.