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Automatic Cars and Body kits validate in Shadow Racer

In NOA Games we always spend lots of time for adding content to our games. It’s our main goal, making lots of content and supporting our games for long period of time.
But if have had just a little bit of experience in this field, I’m pretty sure you alredy tierd of adding these contents to your game.
There is chance you asking your self “Is there any other way to import my contents into Game engine?” today we gonna answer this question.
Short Answer: Yes!
Long Answer: Yes but you have to make what you need to do this in an automated process.
For Shadow Racer game we have to handle lots of cars, body kits, rings and other things, Making these are one thing, but importing is a whole another thing. It’s a very tecnical thing and everything should be right in order to not breaking the gameplay.

So we made a Validator and auto Import system for importing our contents into game. It have many pros for us, It’s fast, It’s never have errors in making prefabs and the most important thing is you don’t need to be an expert in unity3d to import content.

As an artist with no experience with Unity3d when you creating an car model and 10 diffrent body kits for it you have to go to a programmer or game designer and ask him/her to help you with importing those models into game, but validator breaked the pipeline.

It gives the artist an easy way to import, just drag and drop FBX into panel and choose type is it main body or a body kit and tool will generate the prefab output.

But what does it do really?

It check body and dummies/objects names and hiarcy and if it’s not right with our standard will say where you did it wrong and how can you fix it, check mesh for errors, count polygons and estimate how big is it and do you need to remove some vertexs or is the texture too big.

It also check the boundries of car and add colliders with right sizes, adding scripts and set values and getting it ready to tweaked by game designer and not making those from ground up.

So at the end, what does it do? It makes our pipeline more efficent, it save lots of time so we can use that to make even more content. And it don’t allow any error at all, human can not seeing errors but validator always sees it and say how to fix.

So maybe it’s time for you to make your own tool and get use of it.

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Challenge accepted.