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Privacy Policy


Noa Games Inc. and its websites, games and other applications (“we”, “our” or “us”) believe that your privacy is very important. This Policy outlines the types of personally identifiable information and other data that we collect from you through various ways, like Apps, Games or websites we provide, and how we will use, transfer and when we might disclose such information and data to third parties. Your installation and/or use of these services and/or submission of information to us constitute your consent to this Privacy Policy and the processing of your information (non-personal and personal) as described in this Policy. This Privacy Policy is effective as of December 12, 2012, and was last modified on January 23, 2018.


Types of information that we may collect trough your use of the Applications (Website/App)

  1. “Personal information,” witch is any information that specifically identifies you personally and/or can be used alone to contact you online or offline, such as your full name, physical address, email address, telephone number, photograph, geolocation information (i.e., your specific location), Player ID, credit card information and, in some cases usernames.
  2. “Non-Personal information,” which is information that does not identify you and cannot be used to contact you personally including information about you such as date of birth, age, ZIP code and your gender, as well as information about your computer and mobile device, such as your unique device ID, IP address, or other persistent identifiers and their hardware/software/firmware.

Non-Personal information also includes your usage data which is anonymous data tied to your computer and/or device, such as actions you take within and outside of the Applications, the browser you use, the identity of other apps included on your device, the date and time of your use of the Application, your progress, play time, score and achievements, and also the URLs you visited.

Use of the Personal Information That We Collect

We will use your Personal Information to:

  • Provide you with any goods, services, or functionality you have requested
  • Respond to your questions and use in customer service
  • Contact you to promote our Applications, contests and any specials we may offer
  • Send you newsletters and promotions. We will provide you an easy way to opt out of receiving such newsletters anytime you want
  • Contact you in relation to contest registration and prize acceptance

Use of the Non-Personal Information That We Collect

Your Non-Personal Information may be used by us for administrative, analytical, research, optimization, security and other purposes. Specifically we may use your Non-Personal Information to:

  • Track your use of our Applications to help us learn more about your gaming activities and understand your preferences and tendencies so that we can personalize your experience, provide you with in-game offers and notifications that are tailored to you and otherwise enhance your gaming experience
  • Personalize your content and offers
  • Compile statics
  • Respond to customer service inquiries
  • Protect against cheating, crime or fraud, or for other security reasons
  • Send you push notification

Disclosure of Personal and Non-Personal Information That We Collect

  • NOA Games transfer all of your sensitive information encrypted and safe trough internet
  • We will not sell, rent or transfer your Personal information to third parties
  • We may share your Usage Data and Non-Personal Information, such as device IDs, advertising IDs or other persistent identifiers with our advertising partners
  • Our applications offer social sharing features such as “Share” or “Like” on Facebook or other third-party social networking sites. If you decide to use such features, it may allow the sharing and collection of Personal Information and Non-Personal information both to and from such third-party social networks. You should visit the policies of such third parties for more information about their information collection practices
  • We will not store your credit card information. In order to process credit card payments, we will use the service of a secure third-party credit card processor (i.e. Google Play)


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